The European Software Solutions & Services Summit 2018 has sadly been cancelled, most of the vendors we are working with are currently focused on Managed Services and so we are concentrating our efforts this year in that area.

European Software Solutions & Services Summit Agenda

Galvanising the business in a new era of customer engagement, product design, manufacturing, delivery and agile and transformational business models.

Emerging new business models - a new era of business and IT

How can my business stay relevant? Who is getting it right? What are the new players doing? How do I build value?

Digital Transformation is redefining how the organisation makes itself relevant in a digital age, increase competitiveness and protect itself from new entrants appearing with more agile business engagement models.

In this topic our speakers will discuss the new imperatives of the Digital CIO and how ISVs and solution providers need to engage with them if they are to deliver digital transformation solutions.

Digital Platforms – creating collaborative hybrid digital ecosystems

How do I reach the new customers? What is my message? Who can help me? What about security?

In a digital economy organisations have to be able respond with speed to opportunities and threats. No longer can organisations be restricted by traditional IT architecture models and thinking.

During EUSSS 2017 our speakers will discuss the importance of organisations creating a Digital Platform incorporating public and private cloud services as well as internal facilities to enable them to rapidly develop and deploy digital applications.

Areas that will be discussed include cross platform performance management, application delivery and access control. Plus, of course the changing demands on sales people and systems.

Platforms, hyperconvergence, services and brands – how to work with suppliers to provide scaleable, resilient and effective core IT and services.

Establishing competitive advantage – transforming the organisation with data

How do I engage with and sell analytics? What tools are used with data?

For many organisations their data is now their new capital. Digital Transformation is all about using this precious capital to create clear competitive advantage as well as protect themselves from new entrants using platforms in a winner-take-all competition.

Our speakers will show how organisations are starting to understand the true value of their data and how they are creating competitive advantage from its exploitation.

Re-inventing manufacturing, delivery and services

Which industries are buying what in 2017? How do ISVs get to these customers?

From customer engagement through product innovation and manufacturing to delivery and support nothing is as before in this Digital Age. A more demanding expectation level of manufacturing choice and quality is leading to transformative solutions around Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

Our speakers leading this major topic will focus how ISVs and Solution Providers are developing new transformative applications and solutions for automated manufacturing, smart environments, supply chain models, transportation and many more industries utilising these new technologies.

It is all about experience - rethinking application delivery and the ‘Mobile Workplace’

How do I make mobile apps work effectively and securely? Who can I partner with?

In a digital world individuals expect to be able to access all their applications seamlessly wherever they are and on whichever device they are using. This ‘mobile workplace’ model will become the norm for organisations wishing their staff to be digital warriors, maximising the potential of the Digital Age.

Our speakers on this topic will explain how ISVs and Solution Providers can help their customers deliver an effective ‘Mobile Workplace’ for their staff and ensure that application performance matches user expectation.

Security underpins Digital Transformation success

How does my security message change for 2017? How do I deliver compliance? How is security sold as a concept to my customers?

We are at a critical point in the evolution of the Digital Economy and Society where its success will be determined by not only the vision of the opportunity but by the confidence of organisations and end users that real value is delivered and in a safe environment.

Our topic speakers will focus on how security must be at the heart of all digital solutions and how it is imperative to deliver the best customer experience.

Valuing the business

Which are the hot development areas? How do I build my business in the right way?

Round Table – bringing it all together

Completing the day will be a round table of speakers taking questions from delegates on any of the points raised during the day.

This stimulating and exciting session will also aim to bring together all the threads from the days sessions and leave delegates with a clear vision of the digital future and their role in supplying the vital solutions that underpin it.

What do people think of the event?

It was a great day ………….a really well organised event in a good venue and we made some excellent contacts.

Managing Director - Panintelligence

I really enjoyed the whole event

Business Analytics Account Director - Triangle information Management

Senior Director Worldwide Alliances Marketing,

…it was very useful food for thought to be able to look at issues and future trends to then look and influence decision in my own environment and business.

Commercial Operations Manager - Assettrac Ltd

In a hosted model there really needs to be a partnership, and this event has provided a tremendous opportunity to establish and build on those relationships.

CTO - NaviSite

There has been a lot of discussion today about co-opetition and partnering. The truth is that we are in a new world with a lot of choices and a lot of this involves transformation skills. This whole bringing people together helps them realise they are not alone, there are other people out there, with an ecosystem and opportunities to partner.

UK&I Channel Director - EMC